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Carenados Laterales
Cruiser Screens
Cubre Piñón
Cúpula “Light”
Cúpulas “Airflow” (Doble Burbuja)
Cúpulas “Flip UP”
Cúpulas Deportivas “Adventure”
Cúpulas Standard
Embellecedor Cuentakilómetros
Embellecedor para Tija Superior
Embellecedor Superior del Colin
Embellecedores Final de Escape
Extensiones de Guardabarros
Guardabarros Delantero
Guardabarros Trasero
Hand Guards
Kit De Ajuste Para Cupulas
Kit Protectores del Basculante
Miscellaneous Carbon Fibre
Mud Deflector (Rear)
Panel Lateral
Pasos de Rueda
Protector de Amortiguador
Protector de Cadenas
Protectores de Depósito
Protectores de Escape
Protectores de Faro
Protectores de Horquilla
Protectores de Talón
Protectores del Carenado (anclajes no incluidos)
Protectores del Carenado (Set)
Scooter Screens
Soportes de Placa de Matricula “Eliminators”
Spark Plug Lead Cover
Spoilers Radiador
Tapa de Bocina
Tapa de Colin
Tapa del Basculante
Tapa del Radiador
Tapas y Logos
Wind Deflectors

Quiénes Somos


Powerbronze International is a global company with an international dealer network penetrating the globe, allowing us to distribute our brand name throughout the World. When you buy from Powerbronze you buy quality engineered and designed accessories direct from the manufacturer. By Powerbronze dealing direct with our customers, we can offer the latest technology at amazing prices!

Powerbronze leads the field in professionally designed, innovative concepts that our dedicated design team strive to make form perfectly, better than the original. Always reviewing and updating processes to maintain our exceptionally high standards, resulting in a vast range of uniquely stylised components to individualise your motorcycle.

Our Powerbronze products are engineered and designed here in England, from the initial stage originations, through to carefully hand finished and polished units, ensuring high quality standards.

Enhance your machine with a unique factory finished, Powerbronze product, many of which, including our extensive range of motorcycle windscreens, meet or exceed the stringent German TÜV and ABE type-approval specifications.

The Powerbronze founder is still very active in the Company and has ensured the team has built on over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience to broaden its market arenas. By offering our customers a fusion of high performance material with stunning design we have moved forward and shall continue to do so.

Powerbronze International Ltd became a member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in May 2008 and also received their CCL No: 618138/1, Consumer Credit Licence issued by the Office of Fair Trading in June 2008. We are also a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

The Powerbronze range embraces bodywork, windscreens and carefully selected hardware. Each component is designed to fit the most popular retro, hyper-sports and sports/touring machines and is supplied with a fitting kit and full instructions where appropriate.
Powerbronze are proud to serve the motorcycling community around the world. We hope you will see for yourself the devotion and attention to detail that makes Powerbronze a market leader.
The Powerbronze range includes: Airflow Screens (Double Bubble) – Standard Screens – Flip-Up/Touring Screens – Lens Shield/Headlight Protectors – Light Screens – Fly Screens – Iridium Screens – Rear Huggers – Vented Rear Huggers – Tail Guards (Undertrays) – Seats - Seat Cowls – Belly Pans – Nose Fairings – Half Fairings – Full Fairings – Lower Fairings – Rad Spoilers – Crash Posts – Rear Swing Arm Protectors (doubles as paddock stand) – Stainless Steel Cooler Grills - Eliminators – Carbon Fibre Front Mudguards – Carbon Fibre Rear Huggers – Carbon Fibre Chain Guards – Carbon Fibre Heel Plates – Carbon Fibre Heat Shields – Carbon Fibre Seat Units – Carbon Fibre Tank Covers – Carbon Fibre Sprocket Covers – Dash Panels – LED Indicators – Halogen Indicators – Integrated Tail Lights – Seats – Mudguard Extenders – Fork Protectors.

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